Blog more. It is good for your health !!

Blogging/writing is good for your health. If nothing else, you should write just because of that. Thankfully there are many other reasons why people write and if you don’t have one yet, improving your health should be enough reason to do it.

Many people don’t write because they don’t know what to write about, or feel like it will be a waste of time, they are wrong. Writing is both enjoyable and healthy not because of the words you write but because of the process you go through to come up with the words you are going to type. Austin Gunter from TechRanch Austin tweeted “Writing really helps. It’s like Airborne for the heart.” I agree.

Writing is therapeutic. I agree with Miguel de Cervantes‘ quote: “The pen is the tongue of the mind” and this can be both good and bad, this could get you in trouble if you are not careful about the topics you write about. However, the therapeutic value will be there, always. For some, writing is a way to communicate ideas and thoughts with others in a very comfortable way… because you can read, edit, read again and edit one more time before you share it with others, you just don’t have that benefit when you are talking. So yes, the pen is the tongue of the mind but is under much more control than the mouth itself.

Writing is also one of the few if not the only way of communication that allows you to edit until you get it right. It is also the best way to create a legacy that is more permanent than almost anything else, what other legacy can you create that is as permanent as the written word? If you are writing a piece of fiction, writing is a medium that allows you to get into another world, create and control different characters, resolve issues that in the real world may seem impossible to work out, etc. Writing (and reading) fiction is a great way to escape from reality, and you don’t need any chemical substances to experience it… see, it is healthier and safer than drugs!

Writing posts in a blog, gives you the opportunity to save your thoughts, experiences and learnings in a very organized way, and the best of all is that it is searchable! and you can also access your blog posts from almost anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

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For a unique person in my life….

When the skies sets apart..

And the clouds give a thundering blast!

My heart showers blessings with no dearth..

To most charming and cutest girl on earth!!

Her smile’s bright with pearls all white..

That lightens my heart all day and night!

She’s unwilling to open up herself easily; I don’t know why..

But can never hide her self even though how hard she try!!

Her eyes are vast and deep like an ocean..

This displays all her untold feelings and emotions!!

On the world she cast a magical swirl….

When she let open her golden curls!!!

In the core of my heart she resides…

To have her always standing besides me is a matter of pride!!

No diamonds or pearls…

Could ever replace what you gave to me girl…

And just like a flower needs rain

I will stand by your side through the joy and the pain!!

Who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme..

I’ll love you till end of time!!!


Copyright © TARANG JAIN

Love’s Dewdrop!!

A Guy went far away leaving his girl behind

She missed a lot yet waited having only him on her mind!

Far away; with heavy heart he kept thinking of his sweetheart..

With a silent promise to never again let their souls drift apart!!

He came back and they met again with angels’ blessings..

With craving for passionate moments to share..

Their eyes talked a million words and all feelings were laid bare!!

They leaned forward with arms around and gave their emotions a gentle kick..

His heart was a dancing flame on the candle wick !!

They bid away their indisposition and took the chance,

To embrace each other in love’s dance !

She held him close, All through the time,

Her scent lingered on his mind!!!

He felt her breath upon his lips,

And caressed her jaws with his fingertips!!

Her body trembled, ever so tightly..

And heard his voice, speak to her lightly!!!

They locked themselves making endless connections

With what was a humid seal of soft affections!!!

It felt complete, so full of bliss.

Knowing that they just had,

Love’s first dewdrop, A virgin kiss!!!!




Copyright © TARANG JAIN

Friends Forever!!!

Its great moment in my life I share,
When I pen down my feelings here!
Thought of writing is fearsome,
Which I hardly can overcome
Even though I am not a bard,
Still I’ll try to express it; albeit hard!!
Life is made lively by these immaculate strands,
Often long and unbroken, what we call them as FRIENDS!!!

Life is a friend and friends are life,
Without whom one can’t survive!
They make you laugh, they can make you cry,
Without them life’s lonely and dry!!

They shine like an emerald, a crystal jewel,
Once they are gone, life’s no better than hell!
Good friends are hard to find,
But once found, you can trust them blind!!

Friendship proclaims “No tear No fear”
It just brings li’ll hearts near!
It marks the beginning of the new innings,
Where “I” ends and “WE” begins!!

The World of friendship is
free from all formalities, touching every practicality,
Blushed with sincerity, Yet far away from reality!!

Friendship remains untested, when it is in its prime,
But it is accepting each other as COAL
and to wait till Diamonds are formed through time!!

Joy and happiness, envy and confession,
These are feelings beyond definition!
Those emotions between friends,
They are the essential and modest trends!!

Good friends never leave each other,
Sometimes they might fight or argue,
But their heart says “I am always there for you”!!

Thus, Tarang says to everyone, O hear!!
Despite hardships, never loose them and keep them near.

FRIENDS FOREVER are someone special,
Who makes you feel an eternal bliss.
But my heart says:
They are tiny drops of joy, offering a KISS!!!



Copyright © TARANG JAIN

My First Post!!

Its so good to be back at blogging after such a long time..had never really taken time out last year to write any posts or pen down any poems!!
Life’s been a roller coaster ride having been at a crucial juncture where new horizon of hopes from future awaits!!!
Its not easy when u know that hardly a month of your college life is left…lots of Reactions,Repentance,Realizations and Responsibilities come along.Still leaving all such negatives behind and taking positives into my new life is what is on my mind right now!!
I am completely unaware where i will be in 3 months from now…new city ,new world…completely aloof from my existing world!!
Life’s great…n i m ON for it!!
Luv ya!! 🙂