The Power Of Jainism!

Origins of Jainism

Jainism originated in India, although its time of origin cannot be determined. Jainism believes in a cyclical nature of the universe. Jains believe in a universe without beginning, end or creator, hence Jains will refer to the present cycle of the cosmos. The word Jain means a follower of the Jinas (spiritual victors). This title, or that of Tirthankara, was given to a succession of teachers who, through their own spiritual struggle, are believed to have attained kevalajnana (infinite knowledge). Jains believe that there have been twenty-four Tirthankaras. In the present cycle of the cosmos the last of these 24 Tirthankaras, Vardhamana, usually called Mahavira (Great Victor) is believed to have been born in 599BC in contemporary Bihar, India. At the age of thirty Mahavira began a twelve year spiritual quest, which resulted in his attainment of kevalajnana and the founding of the fourfold order of sadhus (monks) and sadhvis (nuns), shravakas (laymen) and shravikas (laywomen). Jainism does not believe in God as the creator of universe but as a liberated soul (Siddha) who has attained Moksha (liberation from the unending cycles of birth, death and re-birth). Every human being and every living being for that matter has the potential to attain Moksha and thus become God. One who is liberated is called Siddha.

Although Jainism has been in existence since millions of years..but specially since its recorded existence more than 5000 years ago, Jainism has never compromised its core principle of non-violence. Rather it upholds non-violence as its supreme religion in the following words of Ahimsa paramo Dharmah and has strictly emphasized its practice at all levels.

Concept of GOD in Jainism

Jainism believes that universe and all its substances or entities are eternal. It has no beginning or end with respect to time. Universe runs own its own accord by its own cosmic laws. All the substances change or modify their forms continuously. Nothing can be destroyed or created in the universe. There is no need of some one to create or manage the affairs of the universe. Hence Jainism does not believe in God as a creator, survivor, and destroyer of the universe.

However Jainism does believe in God, not as a creator, but as a perfect being. When a person destroys all his karmas, he becomes a liberated soul. He lives in a perfect blissful state in Moksha forever. The liberated soul possesses infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite power, and infinite bliss. This living being is a God of Jain religion.

Every living being has a potential to become God. Hence Jains do not have one God, but Jain Gods are innumerable and their number is continuously increasing as more living beings attain liberation.

Jains believe that since the beginning of the time every living being (soul) is attached with karma and also it is in delusion (ignorant) state of its true nature. The main purpose of the religion is to remove this delusion through self-knowledge and self-effort. This knowledge will remove karma which are associated with it from the beginning of time. When all karma get removed, the soul becomes liberated soul.

Jain Beliefs & Philosophy

  • Ahimsa: non-injury to anyone or anything.
  • Atman: no personal God, just consciousness.
  • Bandha: the effect of karma upon a person which results in bondage.
  • Karma: a physical substance which attaches itself to a person’s soul.
  • Moksha: the liberation of a living being from the physical realm after innumerable karmic effects leading to reincarnation.
  • Reincarnation: perpetual recycling of the person’s being until one attains moksha or nirvana.
  • Sallekhana: literally means “holy death” by self-starvation.
  • Salvation: self-accomplished through extreme asceticism and multiple journeys through the reincarnation cycle.
  • Siddhas: those liberated souls at the top of the Jain universe.
  • Three Jewels: right belief, right knowledge, right conduct.
  • Tirthankara: literally means “ford maker” or “Conqueror;” an enlightened Jina, or which there are only 24, and Mahavira being the last of them.

Five Great Ascetic Vows for Jain Monks

  • Thou shalt not kill any living being.ahimsa
  • Thou shalt not lie.
  • Thou shalt not take what is not given.
  • Thou shalt not have sex.
  • Thou shalt not be attached to anything.
  • Thou shalt not eat after dark.

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PETA’s Top Five Vegan-Friendly Food Trucks

Just like veganism, food trucks are becoming more popular across the country. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a meal to fill you up, you’re sure to run into a food truck somewhere along the way. The best part is that many of these trucks offer vegan-friendly foods that are simply delicious and, of course, cruelty-free! Don’t believe us? Check out PETA’s Top Five Vegan-Friendly Food Trucks list and see for yourself.

The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail’s mobile vegan restaurant, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, is loaded with delicious organic gourmet foods for breakfast, lunch, and even dessert.

Whether you’re enjoying the savory Blue Corn Pancakes (served with pine-nut butter and Vermont maple syrup), the Coconut French Toast (with sweet brown butter, rum-simmered cranberries, and dark beer syrup), or the Korean Barbeque Seitan (served open faced on a grilled tortilla slathered with chili butter, kimchi, and greens), you’re in for a treat. Quench your thirst with The Cinnamon Snail’s organic fresh-squeezed Live Lemonade. If you have room for dessert, try one of their Miniature Cheesecakes. The Cinnamon Snail’s scrumptious menu varies seasonally, giving you a chance to enjoy many dishes throughout the year.

Ste Martaen & Soul Vegetarian Vegan Food Truck

The next time that you’re hanging in the Windy City, don’t pass by the irresistible aromas of Ste Martaen & Soul Vegetarian’s vegan food truck.

Try the Chicago Cheesesteak with sizzling seitan, grilled poblano peppers, and onions and topped with a delicious three-“cheese” sauce. If you’re not stuffed, check out the Basil Focaccia Sandwich, marinated and baked tofu, sliced Ste Martaen cheese, and grilled red peppers and onions on fresh-baked basil focaccia bread. If you’re looking for something sweet, try the vegan carrot cake and other desserts. The truck’s menu varies daily to satisfy your cravings.

Sunny Vibrations

Sunny Vibrations brings warm and satisfying vegan meals to the San Francisco Bay Area with its healthy, eco-friendly entrées that even meat-eaters can’t resist. You can start with the mouth-watering Pizaa Burger, which is loaded with flavor. Also try the Veggie Ka-bobs and the WOK This Way stir-fry with brown rice. If that’s not enough, check out the Baba Wrap—roasted eggplant and red pepper, cucumber, lettuce, onion, pickles, artichokes, and cilantro—which makes a great midday snack.


The Seabirds food truck is all about affordable, healthy, and delicious foods for residents of the Orange County, California, area. The delicious foods on Seabirds’ menu are 100 percent plant-based and vary according to season. Seabirds’ Beer Battered Avocado Taco is a fan-favorite! It consists of a fried avocado wedge topped with shredded cabbage, red onion, and creamy jalapeno sauce. Yum! The Locals Burrito is also a must-try. If that doesn’t awaken your taste buds, sink your teeth into the delicious Jerk Jackfruit Taco, which consists of jerk-seasoned jackfruit topped with onion, cilantro, and green salsa. Head on over to Seabirds if you’re looking for a good meal!

Like No Udder

There’s nothing like running to the world’s first soft-serve vegan ice cream truck that’s really “like no udder”! We couldn’t miss out on adding this 100 percent dairy-free food truck serving Providence, Rhode Island, and surrounding cities in Massachusetts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these tempting vegan treats. If you’re a chocolate fanatic, then check out Like No Udder’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Shake or the Chocolate Soft-Serve Ice Cream, both of which are sure to take you to a happy place. You can even enjoy a classic root beer float and vegan candy bars and slushies.

Our Honorable Mention

Green Truck

If there’s one thing that you can say about Green Truck, it’s that it stands for healthy living for all beings as well as the entire planet. Located in the San Diego area, you can spot Green Truck in a town or city nearby serving certified organic foods that can benefit everyone!

So be sure to try Green Truck’s signature Mother Trucker® Vegan Burger, made with local vegetables and topped with fresh-cut sunflower sprouts, sliced heirloom tomatoes, onion, and Trucker® sauce. For something light, you can snack on the Fresh Pita Chips and Hummus, made from organic pita chips and house-made hummus, or the Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Pineapple Pico de Gallo.



One fine morning when I was sitting alone,

Remembrances of past year came hurling on their own!

The moment I thought about my college life,

All my memories just turned alive!

Suddenly all emotions got swallowed…

And a terse decision followed!!

The day was bright and thus I began to write..

On what had been an eventful year of my college life!!!

Till few days back; my life was in shambles,

But somewhere down the gut I felt; as soon as I’ll

Start going to college…

All these worries gonna disassemble!!

So that day of relief came after much anticipation,

As if an intern doctor had done his first operation!!

The campus seemed to be as big as a citadel.

For my new college life; it was the cradle!!

First few days were spent among the mates;

who were  frightened by being ragged!

bt I wasn’t  feared to be victim of such nags!!

As I braved this fear, I was literally rewarded; I swear!!

For first time my life experienced a romantic swirl,

When my seniors asked me to propose a girl!

I bent on my knees and proposed with ease,

But the girl in bewilderment did rather freeze!!

Even though I acted as a perfect swain,

But Alas! all my efforts just went in vain!!!

Each day gave me a new surprise,

But it wasn’t hard to acclimatize!

Fusion of students was class’ biggest strength,

All were alike; yet following different trends!!

Within few days, a sudden urge occupied my mind,

The ineluctable need of true friend made me blind!

Wasn’t sure if I was either inept or supine,

But soon realized that truest buddies are hardest things to find!!

Being at engineering college; life wasn’t easy as I

earlier perceived,

While studies kept looming over, I never felt relieved!

Thus to ease this burden; I made a humble wish;

ie; to befriend the people with ingenuity and inevitable wits!!

But alas! What agonized me most was that all my prayers went unheard ..

Instead of people I wished for; I landed among the nerds!!!

Each lecture seemed to be the resting hour,

With heads bent down; students resembled the warriors stripped of their power!!

Our biggest challenge was to stay awake,

Eyes would feel drowsy and plead” gimme a break”!!

Concluding time of class was undisputedly the sweetest of all..

But alas! End of class was a false dawn,

because they are the vicious circle that goes on n on and on!!!!

Sauntering in corridors; even after arrival of lecturer

was definitely matter of pride,

and teacher would just keep waiting as if a newly wed ready to love  his bride!!!

Whenever free; spending hours on Insti roof;

playing pranks and practicing spoofs!

The bonding in our friend circle was so strong,

that even for few moments no one was left aloof!!

Besides cafeteria; nowhere else we did roam,

Because inside campus; ‘twas my second home!

Moments of ecstasy, hardships, celebrations and tensions,

We shared all inside it without intervention!!

In our case; bunking classes wasn’t a regular affair,

Fear of getting debarred just kept us aware!

Thankfully our college was amidst some coolest places in town,

That’s why on plans of eluding classes; we did never frown!!

Now I feel I must restrict myself till here…

else I would end up writing my biography on last year!!

Thus it’s time to sign off by giving my memories a

deep reverence…..

and hoping them to brighten up my days ahead with their sweet fragrance!!!



Copyright © TARANG JAIN


Team India have won the ICC Cricket World Cup after 28 years,completing the highest ever run chase in a final.

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir pulled off an impressive run chase to beat Sri Lanka by six wickets in the ICC Cricket World Cup final in Mumbai.

The fourth-wicket pair ensured India did not panic in front of a capacity home crowd after the early loss of big guns Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar in pursuit of 274 for six.

The favourites prevailed with 10 balls to spare in today’s showpiece between sub-Continental neighbours, both seeking their second World Cup, despite a wonderful 103 not out from Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene.

The expectations of many were that this contest might be a tale of two champion players, at watershed moments in their record-breaking careers.                                                         

But there was no major impact for Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan on his last appearance for his country, or a 100th international hundred for India’s Tendulkar in his home town.

Instead, with 97 for Gambhir and Jayawardene’s third World Cup century, three other world-class performers took centre stage in a contest just shaded by India.

It was Dhoni (91no) who completed the job, after promoting himself to number five and producing his first half-century of the campaign in a telling stand of 106 with Gambhir and then an unbroken 54 with Yuvraj Singh.

He did it with crowd-delighting gusto too, smashing a six high over long-on off Nuwan Kulasekera for the winning runs.

After Lasith Malinga uprooted both India openers – Tendulkar’s departure silenced the partisan majority – India’s prospects of a successful chase appeared to be fading already under the Wankhede Stadium lights.

But first Gambhir, with nine fours from 122 balls, and then Dhoni’s eight fours and two sixes from only 79 changed everything.

Sehwag was gone lbw for nought to only the second ball when he aimed across the line and missed.

There was to be no finest hour for Tendulkar either, and it seemed a crushing setback to Indian morale when he edged behind.

Gambhir and Virat Kohli responded with a partnership of 83, broken only by an outstanding return catch from Tillakaratne Dilshan, diving to his right to pluck out the one-handed chance.

Gambhir had two moments of fortune, Kulasekera unable to hold a tumbling catch at long-off in the first over of spin from Suraj Randiv with the left-hander on 30 – and then, 18 runs later, a scampered second run just made as Kumar Sangakkara marginally fumbled a throw from the deep.

Sangakkara could not quite gather either when there was barely a half-chance to stump Dhoni for a second-ball duck off Dilshan, and the India captain was to have another close call on 69 when Chamara Kapugedera threw down the stumps.

But his and Gambhir’s efforts, with Yuvraj’s late assistance after the number three had been bowled trying to carve off-side runs off Thisara Perera, met the challenge.

That might not have been so had Sri Lanka’s batsmen begun the match a little less conservatively, after Sangakkara won the toss on a good pitch and Zaheer Khan kept the brakes on with a miserly new-ball spell of 5-3-6-1.

Jayawardene’s was the key wicket almost from the moment he reached the crease, and certainly after India broke the first of his three half-century stands – with Sangakkara.

Sri Lanka’s lynchpin established a near risk-free run-a-ball tempo and retained it throughout.

Zaheer’s outstanding control in his opening spell, backed up by impressive fielding in the off-side ring, had put the early squeeze on Sri Lanka’s previously prolific opening pair Dilshan and Upul Tharanga.

The left-hander succumbed to the first delivery of Zaheer’s fourth over when a touch of movement away off the pitch took an outside edge and was very well-caught by Sehwag, away to his right at first slip.

Tharanga’s two runs had eaten up 20 balls, and it was not until his 20th delivery that Zaheer conceded his first run.

The introduction of Harbhajan Singh soon did for Dilshan, unluckily bowled off glove and pad as he tried to sweep.

Jayawardene joined Sangakkara for a partnership of 62, ended when the captain went after a short ball from Yuvraj only to edge it behind.

Thilan Samaraweera helped Jayawardene put on another 57.

Yet once again, just when Sri Lanka were just starting to look well-placed, Samaraweera was lbw sweeping at Yuvraj.

Kapugedera poked a very good slower ball from the returning Zaheer straight to cover to go for only a single.

Two wickets had gone for three runs – a test of resolve and skill even for Jayawardene.

But he found another willing and able partner in Kulasekara, who helped to rotate the strike and keep wickets intact for the final powerplay push – in which Sri Lanka’s best-of-the-tournament 63 runs were plundered.

Jayawardene completed a richly-deserved century with the last of his 13 fours over wide mid-off as even Zaheer started to suffer.

He perhaps deserved too to finish the day a winner. But India were narrowly the superior side, and eventually proved the point.

Gmail Motion: Google’s April Fool’s prank!!

Gmail Motion: Google’s April Fool’s prank!!

Continuing its tradition of April Fool’s hoaxes Google unveiled another ‘new feature’. This time for its popular email service, Gmail. The new fabricated Gmail feature is called Gmail Motion.

According to Google, Gmail Motion is the company’s “first attempts at next generation human computer interaction.” Users will be able to control Gmail without the aid of a keyboard or mouse. Messages can be composed and replied to using only the human body.

Never the one to miss out on the little technical details, Google has put up detailed videos explaining how the thing works and have also posted a motion graph, to explain which body actions can perform what functions on Gmail as well as some safety precautions. That’s not all, Google also announced that it was bringing Gmail Motion to Google Docs later in the year.

Gmail Motion: Google’s April Fool’s prank

But unlike some of its previous All Fools Day hoxes, Google reveals the plot a bit too soon. The joke is revealed soon after a user clicks on the ‘Try Gmail Motion’ button.

Google’s history of April 1 jokes can be traced back to 2000 when they announced the launch of MentalPlex, when Google asked its users to focus on a swirling spiral and project a mental image of what they wanted to search for and the results page displayed humourous error messages.

MentalPlex was followed by PigeonRank, where Google claimed that it used pigeons for its PageRank system. Other notable Google’s April Fool pranks include Google Gulp, Gmail Paper and Google TiSP.

Google also had a number of non-hoaxes on April 1. The biggest was the Gmail launch in 2004, something that many had thought to be a hoax.



To use Gmail Motion, you’ll need a computer with a built-in webcam. Once you enable Gmail Motion from the Settings page, Gmail will enable your webcam when you sign in and automatically recognize any one of the detected movements via a spatial tracking algorithm. We designed the movements to be easy and intuitive to perform and consulted with top experts in kinestetics and body movement in devising them.”

Google have been testing Gmail Motion with Googlers over the last few months and have been really excited about the feedback we’ve been hearing. We’ve also done some internal tests to measure productivity improvements and found an average 14% increase in email composition speed and 12% reduction in average time in inbox. With Gmail Motion, Googlers were able to get more done and get in and out of their inboxes more quickly.

To use Gmail Motion, you’ll need the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox 3.5+ and a built-in webcam.

Has Social Media Ruined April Fool’s Day?

Has Social Media Ruined April Fool’s Day?

Remember when April Fool’s Day was like an episode of Punk’d? When you could get that one person in the office/class/family to believe one outlandish thing all day and the revelation that it was fake had everyone in hysterics? Or radio stations began the day with fake ‘breaking news’ that became water cooler fodder by 8:35 AM?

Sigh. I must admit I love a good practical joke. Whether being a part of or the butt of, there was always a sense of Richard Branson buys Plutoexcitement for the build up and a lot of laughter at the reveal. Note: I know there have been many April Fool’s Day jokes that have gone awry – staying on the positive tip today.6:30 AM 4/1/2011 – Just like every other day, I got 2 screens open: one for working, the other for monitoring twitter conversations. 6:35 AM 4/1/2011 – over 200 tweets and retweets of the top LOLs of the day: LinkedIn Suggests Dead Celebs or Imaginary Characters as People I May Know

GMail introduces GMail Motion very funny

Richard Branson Announces That He Bought Pluto

YouTube: since 1911.

And I’m sure there will be plenty more. Don’t get me wrong, they are very funny, but they could have been done on any day. Plus, they they aren’t so much hoaxes as they are really good and creative jokes much like Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic, isn’t so much irony as it is a series of really bad coincidences – but a killer song.So I feel social media has played down a day that used to be all about the practical joke as an all day event, to pretty much reading The Onion all day long. The Onion rules.

Has anyone planned or been a part of any real April Fool’s jokes today? Please share!

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