LOVE many say is the most wonderful feeling in the world!So surely do it has its many manifestations.

But my mind boggles with this question often-Love is …what?? As perplexed as ever, now i write what love is and how it changes its form!!

When it comes to feeling lovestruck for your opposite sex..matter do tends to get complicated as it can be.Each individual may have different experiences and notions regarding love.Like for a kid;enjoying and playing with another girl kid might be love, for a youth it could be more of a physical attraction which is assumed to be love, similarly for a mature couple love is more of responsibility relation.

Attraction plays the most important factor in getting infatuated to opposite sex.Gradually it takes bit of experience and more of understanding to initiate the relationship.Here, Love plays its part!! Love seems to be remedy for all miseries..but i must confess that their is no remedy for love!!!

When you deeply love someone ;care comes naturally from within, along comes the lot of other things like respect, mutual understanding, bit of adjustments and lots of promises and  feeling of belongingness!! These all factors upon cumulation defines LOVE!! But certainly the most uncertain thing which comes along is “HABIT“~!! its human tendency to get habitual to whoever you spend long time with!!

When relationship grows these all factors develops manifolds..but there is a time when it hits a threshold!!As we move in life a lot more things become more important and we tend to focus on those things.We people are very clever to adapt to the situations and surroundings very quickly . Then what happens to Love??? Time puts its wrath on this too..Love, which once seemed to be life’s main priority gets the backseat..!

Even if all others factors diminish with time but the HABIT is only thing which increases with time!! Its seems so obvious to part ways when both thinks that there is hardly any love left to be with..but its very difficult to come out of the habit of each other.

One must not forget that Relationship is also a ladder or a stepping stone which helps and motivates us to move ahead in life!it gives  you so much of  love and support when you needed it.Even after tasting fruits of success if that relation is same and has that same trust….then that is called TRUE LOVE!! One cannot love anyone other who cannot be true to himself!!

So,i feel that one must rather try to keep that zeal and liveliness alive in relationship to reap further fruits of the Beautiful LOVE!! DO NOT LET IT BE A MYSTERY TO YOU..RATHER BE ITS SOLUTION!! 🙂

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