What to do when workless in an IT company (On Bench) !!!

All seems well when you have an IT job with a stable work routine…whole day’s time spent is hardly noticeable…people tend to find ways to elope for free moments usually in  Break-out areas!! All like to discuss their busy schedules and work overload…But rarely had been discussed about How to utilize your time when at Bench?? 

Unfortunately , it took me not much time to figure out what it feels to be on project bench…. Within 2 months of outset of my professional life…i  landed up on resource pool…and still there….

Here i realized and figured out the importance of being free in a large organization and having all the world’s time to enjoy…

So , although there might be uncountable ways to pass this time….but here are few ideas which i have pondered over and practiced up to a certain degree of interests…

Hope people will find them meaningful and considerable to exercise !!!

1) Enhance Your Proficiency!!

Whatever job you work in, it’s likely that you can brush up your skills. Many offices have textbooks and manuals relating to the job that you can read.If you can’t directly improve your work skills, how about learning the ins-and-outs of Microsoft Word, or Powerpoint, or your email program? Having a strong grasp of the computer software you use daily can help save you a surprising time and make you more productive.

2) Socialize With Colleagues

A quiet day at work is a good chance to socialize with colleagues. This can help you in your career (people are more likely to support and help those who they’re friendly with and who they feel warm towards). It can also help you to enjoy your job.

3) Amass your domain knowledge whenever possible !!

Try and gather as much information possible on the domain you are working or on any topic likeable!! Use the full potential of Google to find whatever ideas cross your mind (certainly not evil ones 😉 )

4) Take a day or two off.

Sometimes you just need to refresh yourself, recharge your batteries before starting again. Don’t do any work while you’re out. Veg out, or read, or sleep, or exercise, or whatever. Get your mind off work. Think about your priorities. Get out in nature. Reconnect with your life.

5) Try and explore all nooks and corners of the city

If you are working away from your home city….this option is certainly for You!! Get ur ass out and explore the city ur in…Hit hard….party harder…!! This is the time when whole world is yours!! 🙂

6) Call your dear ones .  What better time to call someone to catch up, to tell them you love them, to just say hi … than when you’ve got nothing better to do. It’s a nice way to stay connected. Definitely the best time to shower your love to your lover  😛

7) Read Read n Read…till you drop  !!

Forget all the technical stuff..just carry a novel and get engrossed in it like never before….For me also its my favorite pastime..~! U’ll realize that its the best option to spend office hours and avoid unwanted people mobbing you!!

8) Take a stroll in the office open areas

If your lucky enough to have been bestowed by big office campus…then nothing better than opting for a leisure walk along with bunch of colleagues …help you get fresh air amidst already claustrophobic work spaces.

9) Rejuvenate yourself by listening your favorite tunes

Either play it on your speakers if your coworkers don’t mind, or plug in the earbuds.They can make any job much more fun.

10) Rehydrate Yourself : Dehydration can make us tired and sluggish. Water can refresh us. Keep that water coming all day long — you may need to pee more though(which still makes it easier to pass some more time :P)

11) Try learning new sports (whichever being facilitated at office)

Best option so far….!! This is what i did too…Go n hit the recreational area and try your hands on every new game available…! i did learn to play Table Tennis..!

12) Get your hands on every possible dish available in Cafe’

All foodies….Roar…and grab all big chunks of food available in your cafeterias…try all possible preparations…..satisfy ur taste buds!

13) Hit the Gym : If you’re bored, you might as well start getting in shape. You can do pushups and crunches right there in gym.

14) Pursue a hobby !!

If still these are not enough for you…..Try quitting the Job!! huh! 😛

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