My world….with YOU!!

A boy moves away from his girl to search new avenues in career…..promising that he’ll never leave her and will always love her.!! He just wishes that his girl never forgets him….wherever she is!!!


Standing at the helm of journey ahead..

A surge of memories reflects the past!

We carved a unique world for ourselves..My Darling!

May only the eternity shows us when it last!!   


It’s the time when my destiny beckons me away from you.

Still my heart could give a million reasons to be with you…

But I don’t know what to say now..don’t know where to start!

Coz I don’t know how to handle my complicated heart!!!

All I want is to share with you is our memories; old and new,

So just take my hand or grab my wrist

And allow me to seal our fate with a gentle kiss!!


Love and separation!!!!

Love and separation!!!!

I still feel that I haven’t been able to say “i love u” enough..

And have it mean beautifully different every time ..!!

Never felt so close to someone before in so many ways..

Never known someone so well,

and still feel that there is so much more left to discover.!!!

But I hope you somehow understand,

the love i feel for you is more beautiful and more meaningful

then words could ever say !!!!

I am surely gonna miss you when you’re not there..

But I just have to say…Even if I’m going to be alone,

I wish you’ll be waiting when I am coming home!!                                         


So just promise me with all your trust..

You’ll care to hear my thoughts,

You’ll keep all the things I’ve bought!!!

You know that.. if you need someone to ease the pain,

You can always lean on me, my love will still remain!!!

When I choose to stay afar..

 I should know that you might not hold my hands forever.

Although it’s hard to imagine too have a life ahead all new,

But it’s inconceivable to envisage my day without you..!!

But if you choose to separate our ways..I’ll be waiting here for thee,

For your silence to break, for your soul to shake,

For your love to wake!!!


Don’t know what you might be thinking…To me it seems quite tough,

To hold a conversation….when words are not enough!!

Thus I wish we share the same love for years to come,

which we garnered all through this time with practicality..                                                                                                

To let blossom our love of dreams into a beautiful reality!!!             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            With Love …… Tarang                              21/05/11   



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Can India ever become a World Power ???

I often wonder about my nation – INDIA, the power it holds and the potential it possesses. We are aware of what it is capable of and  what needs to be improved in order to meliorate its position among global powers.

Recently I came across an article in The Economist which argues about willingness and potential of INDIA to hold fort among great powers of the World..I feel the urge to share its major excerpts..

So Here it goes….

NOBODY doubts that China has joined the ranks of the great powers: the idea of a G2 with America is mooted, albeit prematurely. India is often spoken of in the same breath as China because of its billion-plus population, economic promise, value as a trading partner and growing military capabilities. All five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council support—however grudgingly—India’s claim to join them. But whereas China’s rise is a given, India is still widely seen as a nearly-power that cannot quite get its act together.

That is a pity, for as a great power, India would have much to offer. Although poorer and less economically dynamic than China, India has soft power in abundance. It is committed to democratic institutions, the rule of law and human rights. It is confident and culturally rich. If it had a permanent Security Council seat (which it has earned by being one of the most consistent contributors to UN peacekeeping operations) it would not instinctively excuse and defend brutal regimes. With its enormous coastline and respected navy (rated by its American counterpart, with which it often holds exercises, as up to NATO standard) India is well-placed to provide security in a critical part of the global commons.

Yet India’s huge potential to be a force for stability and an upholder of the rules-based international system is far from being realized  One big reason is that the country lacks the culture to pursue an active security policy. Despite a rapidly rising defense budget, forecast to be the world’s fourth-largest by 2020, India’s politicians and bureaucrats show little interest in grand strategy. The foreign service is ridiculously feeble—India’s 1.2 billion people are represented by about the same number of diplomats as Singapore’s 5 million. The leadership of the armed forces and the political-bureaucratic establishment operate in different worlds. The defense ministry is chronically short of military expertise.

Indispensable India

But the lack of a strategic culture comes at a cost. Pakistan is dangerous and unstable, bristling with nuclear weapons, torn apart by jihadist violence and vulnerable to an army command threatened by radical junior officers. Yet India does not think coherently about how to cope. The government hopes that increased trade will improve relations, even as the army plans for a blitzkrieg-style attack across the border. It needs to work harder at healing the running sore of Kashmir and supporting Pakistan’s civilian government.

China, which is increasingly willing and able to project military power, including in the Indian Ocean, poses a threat of a different kind. Nobody can be sure how China will use its military and economic clout to further its own interests and, perhaps, put India’s at risk. But India, like China’s other near neighbors  has every reason to be nervous. The country is particularly vulnerable to any interruption in energy supplies (India has 17% of the world’s population but just 0.8% of its known oil and gas reserves).


India should start to shape its own destiny and the fate of its region. It needs to take strategy more seriously and build a foreign service that is fitting for a great power—one that is at least three times bigger. It needs a more professional defence ministry and a unified defence staff that can work with the country’s political leadership. It needs to let private and foreign firms into its moribund state-run defense industry. And it needs a well-funded navy that can become both a provider of maritime security along some of the world’s busiest sea-lanes and an expression of India’s willingness to shoulder the responsibilities of a great power.

Most of all, though, India needs to give up its outdated philosophy of non-alignment. 

Making its shift more explicit, by signing up with Western-backed security alliances, would be good for the region, and the world. It would promote democracy in Asia and help bind China into international norms. That might not be in India’s short-term interest, for it would risk antagonising China. But looking beyond short-term self-interest is the kind of thing a great power does.

That India can become a great power is not in doubt. The real question is whether it wants to.     – The Economist