Birthday Verses…for the friend for Life…!!!

On the special occasion of the Grand Birthday of great friend for life…few lines to show how much you love them and always bless them to be Happy !!!

Now I know why you say — “We are Friends Forever”…
especially bcoz of the bond that you and I possess!
I admire your fun-filled personality
and somehow you never fail to impress….!!


Having you around
certainly make the world a better place!
I like everything about you…
You are someone I could never replace.

So I will tell you right now exactly what I need to say…
To show you how much I appreciate you being there for me every day!
You’re worth more than anyone; even a million pounds..
Because you always know what to say when I am feeling down!!

I sometimes wish I could explain; how much you mean to me…
But it’s just not possible to list a billion things

So I just wanted to say…
I love you so much!!
I hope you never leave me
and promise to stay in touch….

May you dance among the ribbons
of your birthday balloons…
Smile through the lit candles
and sing to the classic happy tune.
Eat the cake of wishes,
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.
Spin among the music and laughter
in your perfect party dress that’s brand new….
And till next year my buddy….

Copyright © TARANG JAIN


Yaad aate hain……Kuchh Beete hue Pal !!!

Life is a long journey…..We all are bestowed with good and not-so-good moments in our life. As we grow up, we tend to face the hardships of the world. These days lots of cobwebs have settled around and it feels as if we have totally forgot the simple pleasures of life. That life which we loved and cherished during our school/college days….

Those were really the Best days of our lives…..

Sharing few lines we I recently came across(in Hindi)……depicting the simple yet thoughtful insight into our past and present lifestyle!!!




“Waha ki Dhoop bhi achi lagti thi
Yaha ke AC me bhi aaram nahi hai…

Waha Ghaas pe baithna bhi acha lagta tha
Yaha Recliners pe bhi chain nahi hai..

Waha ki Chai bhi meethi lagti thi
Yaha ki to Cappuccino me bhi mithas nahi hai


Wo JEANS aur TShirt me ek confidence tha..
Aaj FORMAL me bhi comfort nahi hai

Wo BLACK SHOES me jo baat thi
Woh aaj ADIDDAS aur NIKE me nahi hai…

College Bus ki aakhri seat pe baith ke Gaaye hue Gaano ki jaise ab Dhun bhi yaad nahi hai
Ab bas saamne ek Computer Screen hai aur hasne layak koi mazak nahi hai…..

Ek Jhuthi Muskurahat liye hum jaise jee rahe hai
Zindagi ka har Ghum ko Office ke kaam ke saath pee rahe hai…..

Subah ka ek Message: “Aaj nahi chalte yaar”
Ab: “Its already 9.30 where are u??” me badal gaya hai……


Pehle jiss hasti ko lagbhag pura College janta tha
Aaj wo ek Cubical me simat ke reh gaya hai…..

Pehle ek dusre ki party me jaise bill badhane jate the
Aaj ki Parties me thodi si Khushiyaan paane jate hai……

Pehle Best Friends B’day pe cake na laye to gussa ho jate the
Aaj to Best Friends se B’day pe mil bhi nahi pate hain……

Woh College group ki ladaiya jo agle din hi bhul jaate the
Aaj Manager aur Subordinate ki jung me tabdeel ho gayi hai

Exam hall ki “Bas ek line bata de yaar”
Wo ek line ab Google pe bhi nahi milti hai…..

Pehle jinhe ghanto baith ke hasate the
Aaj unse jee bhar ke baat karne ka bhi time nahi hai

Pehle jinse mile bina din nhi kat ta tha
Aj unke bina zindagi kaat rahe hain……


Wo Mid-Sem me ek shabd bhi na likhne ki azadi
Aaj jaise badi badi Excel sheet update karne ki majburi me badal gayi hai

“Tune kitna padha plz mujhe bhi padha de yaar” yaha koi nahi sunta
“I have done my work please review it” hi hamari favorite line ban gayi hai……..

Dil kehta saari bandishe tod ke wapas chala jaau….
Ek baar fir apne school or college me wapas laut jaau..!!   🙂



Keep Smiling!!! 🙂


Tarang Jain