A day @ Accenture !!!

Well…its been  3 weeks since i landed up in Hyderabad…n practically 19 days since our sumptuous banquet at The Westin Hotel and Taj Banjara …. 😛 All thanks to my employer for a really warm welcome!! 🙂

          It all started off so well…never been able to adapt to or like any place quicker than this…Hyderabad Rocks~~~!!

As expected..work at my organization too began….and we were then officially the employees of a MNC!! Not gonna earn much though…but believe me …its a great feeling in itself!! 🙂 This was made even special as we were designated to be trained at Accenture Waverock campus…. okk..let me put some more emphasis on this thing…


This place is really charismatic….set amidst the rocky ranges providing a serene picturesque from its higher levels…Unremittingly evolving from rocks to Hyderabad’s IT hub!!

Training among several other new recruits was a nice experience …whole lot of talented homo sapiens!! As Accenture says : Best People for Best Job!! 😉 Though first few days were really theoretically boring …to which i often reacted by reaching the state of doldrums!! 😀 But the Break-out areas were the only relief for all relishing us with a vast variety of beverages!!
All went well untill Day 5 when i along with several others got inducted to the stream which we had never dream of getting into!! This was followed by real disappointments and shocks which all went unnoticed to higher authorities!!:(                                                   Moreover, our other 1 month was gonna spend in some third party training center…way below the accenture standards! 😦

Now,finally getting into my daily schedule of training at this under rated SITE center… our trainer is a real sweet guy..Typical representation of Gummy Bear or KUNGFU PANDA !!! 😛 He looks more of a Hotel manager then a testing trainer ; asking for our requirements! ! All seemed rosy as he started off well…But soon as days passed …things began to fly way above my head hard even to catch a glimpse of it ..as he tried to push even more theory into our minds!!! uff…. 😦

And Soon….in No time i became from THIS :

A Happy Guy!!






A SleepyHead!!










Insufficient Night sleeps were fulfilled by short naps during the training !!!

Rest is all History….that’s all i could remember!! But always keep wishing myself….. HAPPY STUDYING!! 😛

Its nothing special for us coz:

It’s not where you started, it’s where you are going that matters, just another day at office for high performer!!

Accenture  : High Performance..Delivered!! 😉


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Hyderabad Calling!!

Life was pretty much at ease after finishing the final graduation exams..relaxing at home, spending quality time with parents and friends, teaching the notorious kids..Twas all fun!! Little were the worries about joining the new organization in a months time..had it at back of mind that its never gonna be same again…a New Life- a New City awaits me!!

So..this suspense was soon unfolded and as usual against all expectations i got my job at HYDERABAD! Literally this came as a shocker to me!! It took me nearly 1 week to realize after much of consolations and coaxing that it was all true !! 😛

After that ..all at my mind was preparations and how to manage lots of things ..!! Shopping furiously was definitely a fantastic experience..but realizing that you are not gonna meet some of your closest mates again makes u feel nostalgic!! But dint get enough time to think so as the final day landed sooner than expected and with bags all packed…..I was ready to fly….

Early morning we headed to IGI Airport, New Delhi ..met my fellow mates there,..were feeling excited when all our joys ere put to a halt by abrupt announcement of delay of r spicejet flight by 2 hrs!!! 😦


Anyhow the time passed…as we happen to meet some other friends also on way to different locations!! finally we boarded the flight …after that it was a smooth sailing!!!   ………………………


After a short flight of 2 hrs….we landed at our destination…HYDERABAD!! one can definitely say that Hyderabad airport is certainly among the best in country~~!! (although no photo proof to support that)!!

……. The END (Part-1)

Hyderabad diaries..To be continued 🙂