Δ (My Life) – From Away To Back Home!!!

My recently concluded 12 day trip to Pune and around was quite a rejuvenation and mentally relaxing for me. Although, I was constantly cursed and reminded by my friends and colleagues about how lucky I was pulling off such long leaves. Even then, 12 days felt passing like the sand flowing from a clinched fist. That’s the place where I had spent most nourishing and enriching 2 years of my life working there. That’s the reason I keep going back there whenever I could. There must be some underlying feel good factor about it or a cause that allowed me to re think about why I moved out of Pune 14 months back in very first place.

Hmmm…. Let’s see that….

It had been a year this July since I moved back to Delhi from Pune for a greater good. My Parents were all that I could think of. I felt that it was a high time that I should put my responsibilities for them ahead of my career growth and take care of their already flailing health. Plus it would mean my well care to by my parents. Hence, I moved Back!!! 🙂

Within few weeks of  resuming work in Delhi/NCR (for same IT company…just took a transfer!), I had few realizations of my own regarding what my life has in store for me and how my career path would supposedly move ahead. All I had heard was that it isn’t gonna be easy. So I thought I would be prepared for it…I guess I was intuitive about it! :-/

Being practical and putting up all stats in my mind I analysed what Delhi has to offer: It has my family and loads of relatives; which obviously are my support centers and are indispensable. Secondly, it has the home advantage. I belong to that place. I have my roots in Delhi. Of course everyone ultimately wants to return home. That’s the dream, right??  Moreover, I have my friends in here, be it school guys or college friends and all other who are friends for all other random reasons which even I don’t remember. 😉

But being in Delhi, I have my own qualms. Life has changed completely. I mean literally!                  

Living in one of the most populous areas, constantly surrounded by walloping crowd snatches the peace away from life completely. 13 hours away from home for work leaves no space for any other    self -indulging activity and has rendered social life practically non-existent. Seriously, who wants to spend 4 hours daily of this busy life just travelling and being stuck in horrendous traffic jams!

All my day is spent dealing with mean and difficult people. When I come home I like it to be empty. The presence of others in my house kind of annoys me. I love coming home and shutting the doors. I feel brain dead. I’m relatively available, but not to live with.

Be it relatives or old friends, I haven’t met most of them ever since I have moved here permanently. Good were times when I used to be on home visit, had a craze for meeting these people coz u miss them and so do they. All that charm of meeting seem to have lost now.


On the other hand life was easy out there (in other cities with IT’s presence). Everyone has ample growth opportunities in career at other places as compared to Delhi. I personally find people less aggressive and more happy-go-lucky back there. Social life is well developed and flourishing as people don’t live far away from work and spend ample time getting to know each other. Mostly people are bachelors or recently settled in new cities and hence are more open for experiments in life. Plus good weather and whole bouquet of places to visit around makes these cities (e.g. Pune, Bangalore etc.) even more desirable to settle in.

As they rightly say : “Home is where the Heart is!!!”

I still wonder how it would be to have a good and satisfying career along with parents living in serenity and peace.  Looks like a distant dream as of now. But who knows what life has in store for us…so just living and keeping hopes intact till then. O:)






What do girls look for in a Guy….Decoding a Girl’s mind!!!!

I; just like any other regular guy; embroiled in the intricacies of world, people and relationships sometimes happen to ponder over a mind boggling question which I feel almost all the boys of my age would often think about – What do girls look for in a guy??  This I feel is most often thought or asked question probably only after “Does God exist??” Having said this, here I try to decode what could possibly run in a girl’s mind while choosing a guy for them.

Many of us could think of …Looks, money, Humor, laugh, Kindness, Hotness, Great Hair, Romance, Deep eyes etc. as most appropriate factors for the choice.

Umm…One might feel strange but its not true; well at least not entirely. These are the things girls are attracted to guys in first few encounters, its not necessarily what they are looking for. Every woman has different personality and perception so if one woman may be ready to find a new partner while the one besides may have just gotten out of a relationship and needs to find herself.

Now even if every girl is different but for starters almost all are looking for a friendship factor when they go hunting for guys. They typically someone to make laugh and make comfortable about themselves.


– this has been the most effective initiator of any relationship. Usually it is important for girls to get attracted to boys in first few communicable exchanges. In other words, it is of utmost necessity for guys to be successful in what I would call the “getting her attention” course. Because that is what guys need to do. Unlike men, women have hundreds of suitors approaching them and vying for their attention every day. Sadly guys mostly don’t have the luxury of being able to walk by a woman and have her understand the person they are deep down. Girls are so mysterious that even they can’t understand themselves.                           So yes Attraction mostly comes as a major player in getting girls to at least initiate some level of communication to guys.

No wonder, this concept of Attractiveness also holds true for gals. “What to look for in guys?” apparently changes with how beautiful or attractive the girl is…                                                                                                                                                                                                   Very Beautiful girl knows that everyone wants her. A not-so-beautiful girl knows that she can make a boyfriend if she wants. Others just expects someone to be their boyfriend.

In modern times, everyone has moved towards more practical living so words and emotions like Love and faith have lost some of their sheen.

So what could be factors that significantly holds true in any of the cases??

It’s Security and Bright future!!! Be it financial or moral or any other way. Financial security could differ from initial attractiveness for money in way that financial security is not thing to be flaunted but money could be!!!                                                        A girl needs security. She wants to get rid of one thing that makes her insecure. A guy who has the capability of solving her biggest problems would be the Mr. Perfect for her.

The girls with higher quotient of attractiveness have the biggest insecurity of being poor. Because this is the only thing they lack. They have beauty and any guy in the world would be ready to marry them. So finding a life partner is not a problem for them. Finding a bright guy is.

There is a major section of girls who have simple dreams while thinking of choosing a guy. .They choose the Honesty and Dedication of a guy above any other traits. Of course other things might come along in the package. But yes…this category of girls are the most faithful, loving and unselfish girls as they are more interested in the guy they are with. For them love and faith holds greater place than other worldly factors.

No matter however we perceive or whatever we analyze….no one could answer these problems with an absolute mandate. People and hence their emotions and perceptions continue to evolve…so does the answer to this question!!!


What to do when workless in an IT company (On Bench) !!!

All seems well when you have an IT job with a stable work routine…whole day’s time spent is hardly noticeable…people tend to find ways to elope for free moments usually in  Break-out areas!! All like to discuss their busy schedules and work overload…But rarely had been discussed about How to utilize your time when at Bench?? 

Unfortunately , it took me not much time to figure out what it feels to be on project bench…. Within 2 months of outset of my professional life…i  landed up on resource pool…and still there….

Here i realized and figured out the importance of being free in a large organization and having all the world’s time to enjoy…

So , although there might be uncountable ways to pass this time….but here are few ideas which i have pondered over and practiced up to a certain degree of interests…

Hope people will find them meaningful and considerable to exercise !!!

1) Enhance Your Proficiency!!

Whatever job you work in, it’s likely that you can brush up your skills. Many offices have textbooks and manuals relating to the job that you can read.If you can’t directly improve your work skills, how about learning the ins-and-outs of Microsoft Word, or Powerpoint, or your email program? Having a strong grasp of the computer software you use daily can help save you a surprising time and make you more productive.

2) Socialize With Colleagues

A quiet day at work is a good chance to socialize with colleagues. This can help you in your career (people are more likely to support and help those who they’re friendly with and who they feel warm towards). It can also help you to enjoy your job.

3) Amass your domain knowledge whenever possible !!

Try and gather as much information possible on the domain you are working or on any topic likeable!! Use the full potential of Google to find whatever ideas cross your mind (certainly not evil ones 😉 )

4) Take a day or two off.

Sometimes you just need to refresh yourself, recharge your batteries before starting again. Don’t do any work while you’re out. Veg out, or read, or sleep, or exercise, or whatever. Get your mind off work. Think about your priorities. Get out in nature. Reconnect with your life.

5) Try and explore all nooks and corners of the city

If you are working away from your home city….this option is certainly for You!! Get ur ass out and explore the city ur in…Hit hard….party harder…!! This is the time when whole world is yours!! 🙂

6) Call your dear ones .  What better time to call someone to catch up, to tell them you love them, to just say hi … than when you’ve got nothing better to do. It’s a nice way to stay connected. Definitely the best time to shower your love to your lover  😛

7) Read Read n Read…till you drop  !!

Forget all the technical stuff..just carry a novel and get engrossed in it like never before….For me also its my favorite pastime..~! U’ll realize that its the best option to spend office hours and avoid unwanted people mobbing you!!

8) Take a stroll in the office open areas

If your lucky enough to have been bestowed by big office campus…then nothing better than opting for a leisure walk along with bunch of colleagues …help you get fresh air amidst already claustrophobic work spaces.

9) Rejuvenate yourself by listening your favorite tunes

Either play it on your speakers if your coworkers don’t mind, or plug in the earbuds.They can make any job much more fun.

10) Rehydrate Yourself : Dehydration can make us tired and sluggish. Water can refresh us. Keep that water coming all day long — you may need to pee more though(which still makes it easier to pass some more time :P)

11) Try learning new sports (whichever being facilitated at office)

Best option so far….!! This is what i did too…Go n hit the recreational area and try your hands on every new game available…! i did learn to play Table Tennis..!

12) Get your hands on every possible dish available in Cafe’

All foodies….Roar…and grab all big chunks of food available in your cafeterias…try all possible preparations…..satisfy ur taste buds!

13) Hit the Gym : If you’re bored, you might as well start getting in shape. You can do pushups and crunches right there in gym.

14) Pursue a hobby !!

If still these are not enough for you…..Try quitting the Job!! huh! 😛

Copyright © TARANG JAIN


LOVE ..as many say is the most wonderful feeling in the world!So surely do it has its many manifestations.

But my mind boggles with this question often-Love is …what?? As perplexed as ever, now i write what love is and how it changes its form!!

When it comes to feeling lovestruck for your opposite sex..matter do tends to get complicated as it can be.Each individual may have different experiences and notions regarding love.Like for a kid;enjoying and playing with another girl kid might be love, for a youth it could be more of a physical attraction which is assumed to be love, similarly for a mature couple love is more of responsibility relation.

Attraction plays the most important factor in getting infatuated to opposite sex.Gradually it takes bit of experience and more of understanding to initiate the relationship.Here, Love plays its part!! Love seems to be remedy for all miseries..but i must confess that their is no remedy for love!!!

When you deeply love someone ;care comes naturally from within, along comes the lot of other things like respect, mutual understanding, bit of adjustments and lots of promises and  feeling of belongingness!! These all factors upon cumulation defines LOVE!! But certainly the most uncertain thing which comes along is “HABIT“~!! its human tendency to get habitual to whoever you spend long time with!!

When relationship grows these all factors develops manifolds..but there is a time when it hits a threshold!!As we move in life a lot more things become more important and we tend to focus on those things.We people are very clever to adapt to the situations and surroundings very quickly . Then what happens to Love??? Time puts its wrath on this too..Love, which once seemed to be life’s main priority gets the backseat..!

Even if all others factors diminish with time but the HABIT is only thing which increases with time!! Its seems so obvious to part ways when both thinks that there is hardly any love left to be with..but its very difficult to come out of the habit of each other.

One must not forget that Relationship is also a ladder or a stepping stone which helps and motivates us to move ahead in life!it gives  you so much of  love and support when you needed it.Even after tasting fruits of success if that relation is same and has that same trust….then that is called TRUE LOVE!! One cannot love anyone other who cannot be true to himself!!

So,i feel that one must rather try to keep that zeal and liveliness alive in relationship to reap further fruits of the Beautiful LOVE!! DO NOT LET IT BE A MYSTERY TO YOU..RATHER BE ITS SOLUTION!! 🙂

Copyright © TARANG JAIN

My First Post!!

Its so good to be back at blogging after such a long time..had never really taken time out last year to write any posts or pen down any poems!!
Life’s been a roller coaster ride having been at a crucial juncture where new horizon of hopes from future awaits!!!
Its not easy when u know that hardly a month of your college life is left…lots of Reactions,Repentance,Realizations and Responsibilities come along.Still leaving all such negatives behind and taking positives into my new life is what is on my mind right now!!
I am completely unaware where i will be in 3 months from now…new city ,new world…completely aloof from my existing world!!
Life’s great…n i m ON for it!!
Luv ya!! 🙂