Birthday Verses…for the friend for Life…!!!

On the special occasion of the Grand Birthday of great friend for life…few lines to show how much you love them and always bless them to be Happy !!!

Now I know why you say — “We are Friends Forever”…
especially bcoz of the bond that you and I possess!
I admire your fun-filled personality
and somehow you never fail to impress….!!


Having you around
certainly make the world a better place!
I like everything about you…
You are someone I could never replace.

So I will tell you right now exactly what I need to say…
To show you how much I appreciate you being there for me every day!
You’re worth more than anyone; even a million pounds..
Because you always know what to say when I am feeling down!!

I sometimes wish I could explain; how much you mean to me…
But it’s just not possible to list a billion things

So I just wanted to say…
I love you so much!!
I hope you never leave me
and promise to stay in touch….

May you dance among the ribbons
of your birthday balloons…
Smile through the lit candles
and sing to the classic happy tune.
Eat the cake of wishes,
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.
Spin among the music and laughter
in your perfect party dress that’s brand new….
And till next year my buddy….

Copyright © TARANG JAIN


My world….with YOU!!

A boy moves away from his girl to search new avenues in career…..promising that he’ll never leave her and will always love her.!! He just wishes that his girl never forgets him….wherever she is!!!


Standing at the helm of journey ahead..

A surge of memories reflects the past!

We carved a unique world for ourselves..My Darling!

May only the eternity shows us when it last!!   


It’s the time when my destiny beckons me away from you.

Still my heart could give a million reasons to be with you…

But I don’t know what to say now..don’t know where to start!

Coz I don’t know how to handle my complicated heart!!!

All I want is to share with you is our memories; old and new,

So just take my hand or grab my wrist

And allow me to seal our fate with a gentle kiss!!


Love and separation!!!!

Love and separation!!!!

I still feel that I haven’t been able to say “i love u” enough..

And have it mean beautifully different every time ..!!

Never felt so close to someone before in so many ways..

Never known someone so well,

and still feel that there is so much more left to discover.!!!

But I hope you somehow understand,

the love i feel for you is more beautiful and more meaningful

then words could ever say !!!!

I am surely gonna miss you when you’re not there..

But I just have to say…Even if I’m going to be alone,

I wish you’ll be waiting when I am coming home!!                                         


So just promise me with all your trust..

You’ll care to hear my thoughts,

You’ll keep all the things I’ve bought!!!

You know that.. if you need someone to ease the pain,

You can always lean on me, my love will still remain!!!

When I choose to stay afar..

 I should know that you might not hold my hands forever.

Although it’s hard to imagine too have a life ahead all new,

But it’s inconceivable to envisage my day without you..!!

But if you choose to separate our ways..I’ll be waiting here for thee,

For your silence to break, for your soul to shake,

For your love to wake!!!


Don’t know what you might be thinking…To me it seems quite tough,

To hold a conversation….when words are not enough!!

Thus I wish we share the same love for years to come,

which we garnered all through this time with practicality..                                                                                                

To let blossom our love of dreams into a beautiful reality!!!             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            With Love …… Tarang                              21/05/11   



Copyright © TARANG JAIN                                                                                                                       


An ode to my 3 beautiful whom i find my world!!

Ever thought why world is so beautiful??’s because of people who are blessed and dutiful!

Heavens aren’t the only ones graced by seraphs…

I am also bestowed with three of them perhaps!!

Messengers of divinity have descended on earth

For giving meaning to my life and enhance it forth!!!

My sisters are those messengers of god…

I call them my ANGELS with a nod!!!!


For me all three are alike; yet very different from each other.

If one is my buddy other is epitome of mother!

Each have struggled amidst enormous storms

Yet coming out of it and setting their own norms!!

Their own mantras of life have been inspiring enough for me

That it has taught me to be as sturdy and competent as I could be!!!


The eldest of them deflects her problems just like a mirror

Endured thousands of hardships still standing tall as iron pillar!

She nurtured me selflessly throughout my life..

And made me hard enough to be able to survive!!

Whenever I felt drowning into darkness at time

I always saw her smiling face looking back at mine!!! 


Sometimes I am empty, weak or in despair…

But its enough to know that she’s always there!!!!

I love her because she can see inside my soul..

And bring me comfort when I am standing alone!!!!!

Thus I pray my destiny to never drift us apart

Coz that would mean being alive without my heart!!!!!!


My second angel is also a masterpiece in herself..

It’s the sorrows on which she never dwell!

She looks like a Barbie is all I can say…

Can’t ask for someone more charming as I may!!

I’ve drawn lot of my characters from this sweet doll..

My being happy-go-lucky yet emotional says it all!!!

From endless affection to toughest scolding;

she has showered all on me..

So I always try to be the best brother as I could be!!!!

She remains unfazed and never fails to help me;

even in hour of need…

And also unremittingly encourages me to do good deeds!!!!!


It’s the time to portray my sweetest and prettiest angel now..

But her charm leaves me clueless to describe her how!

Its delighting that she’s equipped with finest mind for sure..

Beauty with brain is….

What makes her personality a reason enough to allure!!

Rising above hard times..

She’s grown bold and stronger with each passing day…

Though she desperately needs to display her strong wits..

To embellish her life at earliest; come what may!!!

All she needs is to learn to lead life with practicality…

So as to let bloom this lovely flower into beautiful reality!!!!

Even if the sun don’t shine or if the skies are blue

It doesn’t really matters what the end is…

coz my life began with you!!!!!

Promise me to be so kind as you always are..

You’ll always be in my heart even if you’re very far!!!!!!!


You are my angels…coz I can’t live without you

but its an evitable truth that I can’t always be with you!!!!!!!                                            





Copyright © TARANG JAIN


One fine morning when I was sitting alone,

Remembrances of past year came hurling on their own!

The moment I thought about my college life,

All my memories just turned alive!

Suddenly all emotions got swallowed…

And a terse decision followed!!

The day was bright and thus I began to write..

On what had been an eventful year of my college life!!!

Till few days back; my life was in shambles,

But somewhere down the gut I felt; as soon as I’ll

Start going to college…

All these worries gonna disassemble!!

So that day of relief came after much anticipation,

As if an intern doctor had done his first operation!!

The campus seemed to be as big as a citadel.

For my new college life; it was the cradle!!

First few days were spent among the mates;

who were  frightened by being ragged!

bt I wasn’t  feared to be victim of such nags!!

As I braved this fear, I was literally rewarded; I swear!!

For first time my life experienced a romantic swirl,

When my seniors asked me to propose a girl!

I bent on my knees and proposed with ease,

But the girl in bewilderment did rather freeze!!

Even though I acted as a perfect swain,

But Alas! all my efforts just went in vain!!!

Each day gave me a new surprise,

But it wasn’t hard to acclimatize!

Fusion of students was class’ biggest strength,

All were alike; yet following different trends!!

Within few days, a sudden urge occupied my mind,

The ineluctable need of true friend made me blind!

Wasn’t sure if I was either inept or supine,

But soon realized that truest buddies are hardest things to find!!

Being at engineering college; life wasn’t easy as I

earlier perceived,

While studies kept looming over, I never felt relieved!

Thus to ease this burden; I made a humble wish;

ie; to befriend the people with ingenuity and inevitable wits!!

But alas! What agonized me most was that all my prayers went unheard ..

Instead of people I wished for; I landed among the nerds!!!

Each lecture seemed to be the resting hour,

With heads bent down; students resembled the warriors stripped of their power!!

Our biggest challenge was to stay awake,

Eyes would feel drowsy and plead” gimme a break”!!

Concluding time of class was undisputedly the sweetest of all..

But alas! End of class was a false dawn,

because they are the vicious circle that goes on n on and on!!!!

Sauntering in corridors; even after arrival of lecturer

was definitely matter of pride,

and teacher would just keep waiting as if a newly wed ready to love  his bride!!!

Whenever free; spending hours on Insti roof;

playing pranks and practicing spoofs!

The bonding in our friend circle was so strong,

that even for few moments no one was left aloof!!

Besides cafeteria; nowhere else we did roam,

Because inside campus; ‘twas my second home!

Moments of ecstasy, hardships, celebrations and tensions,

We shared all inside it without intervention!!

In our case; bunking classes wasn’t a regular affair,

Fear of getting debarred just kept us aware!

Thankfully our college was amidst some coolest places in town,

That’s why on plans of eluding classes; we did never frown!!

Now I feel I must restrict myself till here…

else I would end up writing my biography on last year!!

Thus it’s time to sign off by giving my memories a

deep reverence…..

and hoping them to brighten up my days ahead with their sweet fragrance!!!



Copyright © TARANG JAIN

For a unique person in my life….

When the skies sets apart..

And the clouds give a thundering blast!

My heart showers blessings with no dearth..

To most charming and cutest girl on earth!!

Her smile’s bright with pearls all white..

That lightens my heart all day and night!

She’s unwilling to open up herself easily; I don’t know why..

But can never hide her self even though how hard she try!!

Her eyes are vast and deep like an ocean..

This displays all her untold feelings and emotions!!

On the world she cast a magical swirl….

When she let open her golden curls!!!

In the core of my heart she resides…

To have her always standing besides me is a matter of pride!!

No diamonds or pearls…

Could ever replace what you gave to me girl…

And just like a flower needs rain

I will stand by your side through the joy and the pain!!

Who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme..

I’ll love you till end of time!!!


Copyright © TARANG JAIN

Love’s Dewdrop!!

A Guy went far away leaving his girl behind

She missed a lot yet waited having only him on her mind!

Far away; with heavy heart he kept thinking of his sweetheart..

With a silent promise to never again let their souls drift apart!!

He came back and they met again with angels’ blessings..

With craving for passionate moments to share..

Their eyes talked a million words and all feelings were laid bare!!

They leaned forward with arms around and gave their emotions a gentle kick..

His heart was a dancing flame on the candle wick !!

They bid away their indisposition and took the chance,

To embrace each other in love’s dance !

She held him close, All through the time,

Her scent lingered on his mind!!!

He felt her breath upon his lips,

And caressed her jaws with his fingertips!!

Her body trembled, ever so tightly..

And heard his voice, speak to her lightly!!!

They locked themselves making endless connections

With what was a humid seal of soft affections!!!

It felt complete, so full of bliss.

Knowing that they just had,

Love’s first dewdrop, A virgin kiss!!!!




Copyright © TARANG JAIN

Friends Forever!!!

Its great moment in my life I share,
When I pen down my feelings here!
Thought of writing is fearsome,
Which I hardly can overcome
Even though I am not a bard,
Still I’ll try to express it; albeit hard!!
Life is made lively by these immaculate strands,
Often long and unbroken, what we call them as FRIENDS!!!

Life is a friend and friends are life,
Without whom one can’t survive!
They make you laugh, they can make you cry,
Without them life’s lonely and dry!!

They shine like an emerald, a crystal jewel,
Once they are gone, life’s no better than hell!
Good friends are hard to find,
But once found, you can trust them blind!!

Friendship proclaims “No tear No fear”
It just brings li’ll hearts near!
It marks the beginning of the new innings,
Where “I” ends and “WE” begins!!

The World of friendship is
free from all formalities, touching every practicality,
Blushed with sincerity, Yet far away from reality!!

Friendship remains untested, when it is in its prime,
But it is accepting each other as COAL
and to wait till Diamonds are formed through time!!

Joy and happiness, envy and confession,
These are feelings beyond definition!
Those emotions between friends,
They are the essential and modest trends!!

Good friends never leave each other,
Sometimes they might fight or argue,
But their heart says “I am always there for you”!!

Thus, Tarang says to everyone, O hear!!
Despite hardships, never loose them and keep them near.

FRIENDS FOREVER are someone special,
Who makes you feel an eternal bliss.
But my heart says:
They are tiny drops of joy, offering a KISS!!!



Copyright © TARANG JAIN