What do girls look for in a Guy….Decoding a Girl’s mind!!!!

I; just like any other regular guy; embroiled in the intricacies of world, people and relationships sometimes happen to ponder over a mind boggling question which I feel almost all the boys of my age would often think about – What do girls look for in a guy??  This I feel is most often thought or asked question probably only after “Does God exist??” Having said this, here I try to decode what could possibly run in a girl’s mind while choosing a guy for them.

Many of us could think of …Looks, money, Humor, laugh, Kindness, Hotness, Great Hair, Romance, Deep eyes etc. as most appropriate factors for the choice.

Umm…One might feel strange but its not true; well at least not entirely. These are the things girls are attracted to guys in first few encounters, its not necessarily what they are looking for. Every woman has different personality and perception so if one woman may be ready to find a new partner while the one besides may have just gotten out of a relationship and needs to find herself.

Now even if every girl is different but for starters almost all are looking for a friendship factor when they go hunting for guys. They typically someone to make laugh and make comfortable about themselves.


– this has been the most effective initiator of any relationship. Usually it is important for girls to get attracted to boys in first few communicable exchanges. In other words, it is of utmost necessity for guys to be successful in what I would call the “getting her attention” course. Because that is what guys need to do. Unlike men, women have hundreds of suitors approaching them and vying for their attention every day. Sadly guys mostly don’t have the luxury of being able to walk by a woman and have her understand the person they are deep down. Girls are so mysterious that even they can’t understand themselves.                           So yes Attraction mostly comes as a major player in getting girls to at least initiate some level of communication to guys.

No wonder, this concept of Attractiveness also holds true for gals. “What to look for in guys?” apparently changes with how beautiful or attractive the girl is…                                                                                                                                                                                                   Very Beautiful girl knows that everyone wants her. A not-so-beautiful girl knows that she can make a boyfriend if she wants. Others just expects someone to be their boyfriend.

In modern times, everyone has moved towards more practical living so words and emotions like Love and faith have lost some of their sheen.

So what could be factors that significantly holds true in any of the cases??

It’s Security and Bright future!!! Be it financial or moral or any other way. Financial security could differ from initial attractiveness for money in way that financial security is not thing to be flaunted but money could be!!!                                                        A girl needs security. She wants to get rid of one thing that makes her insecure. A guy who has the capability of solving her biggest problems would be the Mr. Perfect for her.

The girls with higher quotient of attractiveness have the biggest insecurity of being poor. Because this is the only thing they lack. They have beauty and any guy in the world would be ready to marry them. So finding a life partner is not a problem for them. Finding a bright guy is.

There is a major section of girls who have simple dreams while thinking of choosing a guy. .They choose the Honesty and Dedication of a guy above any other traits. Of course other things might come along in the package. But yes…this category of girls are the most faithful, loving and unselfish girls as they are more interested in the guy they are with. For them love and faith holds greater place than other worldly factors.

No matter however we perceive or whatever we analyze….no one could answer these problems with an absolute mandate. People and hence their emotions and perceptions continue to evolve…so does the answer to this question!!!