Birthday Verses…for the friend for Life…!!!

On the special occasion of the Grand Birthday of great friend for life…few lines to show how much you love them and always bless them to be Happy !!!

Now I know why you say — “We are Friends Forever”…
especially bcoz of the bond that you and I possess!
I admire your fun-filled personality
and somehow you never fail to impress….!!


Having you around
certainly make the world a better place!
I like everything about you…
You are someone I could never replace.

So I will tell you right now exactly what I need to say…
To show you how much I appreciate you being there for me every day!
You’re worth more than anyone; even a million pounds..
Because you always know what to say when I am feeling down!!

I sometimes wish I could explain; how much you mean to me…
But it’s just not possible to list a billion things

So I just wanted to say…
I love you so much!!
I hope you never leave me
and promise to stay in touch….

May you dance among the ribbons
of your birthday balloons…
Smile through the lit candles
and sing to the classic happy tune.
Eat the cake of wishes,
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.
Spin among the music and laughter
in your perfect party dress that’s brand new….
And till next year my buddy….

Copyright © TARANG JAIN


Friends Forever!!!

Its great moment in my life I share,
When I pen down my feelings here!
Thought of writing is fearsome,
Which I hardly can overcome
Even though I am not a bard,
Still I’ll try to express it; albeit hard!!
Life is made lively by these immaculate strands,
Often long and unbroken, what we call them as FRIENDS!!!

Life is a friend and friends are life,
Without whom one can’t survive!
They make you laugh, they can make you cry,
Without them life’s lonely and dry!!

They shine like an emerald, a crystal jewel,
Once they are gone, life’s no better than hell!
Good friends are hard to find,
But once found, you can trust them blind!!

Friendship proclaims “No tear No fear”
It just brings li’ll hearts near!
It marks the beginning of the new innings,
Where “I” ends and “WE” begins!!

The World of friendship is
free from all formalities, touching every practicality,
Blushed with sincerity, Yet far away from reality!!

Friendship remains untested, when it is in its prime,
But it is accepting each other as COAL
and to wait till Diamonds are formed through time!!

Joy and happiness, envy and confession,
These are feelings beyond definition!
Those emotions between friends,
They are the essential and modest trends!!

Good friends never leave each other,
Sometimes they might fight or argue,
But their heart says “I am always there for you”!!

Thus, Tarang says to everyone, O hear!!
Despite hardships, never loose them and keep them near.

FRIENDS FOREVER are someone special,
Who makes you feel an eternal bliss.
But my heart says:
They are tiny drops of joy, offering a KISS!!!



Copyright © TARANG JAIN