The Art of Enjoying Being Single!!

Have you been Single lately or have fallen apart in your relationship recently or just happen to be born-Single? For some of us young, being single is just our way of life and are very comfortable living with it, for some of us it is just the only option and have learned to live that way…for rest of them it’s just a passing phase that might not even persist longer or consistent.

If you think being single is a curse and LnL(Loner n Loser) way of living then you seriously need to introspect your mentality. Love isn’t planned, it just happens.

Based on some personal experiences and interesting live examples of people around me I have notched up few ideas on how and what needs to be done when you’re Single…specially for Chanced-upon Singles…

Here is the list of things which could be done when you’re Single:

1)     Being single isn’t end of life, it’s just a way of life!!

Many people choose to remain single. That clearly means that they love their freedom more than a person. You are just not in a committed relation which clearly doesn’t mean you’re alone. Now that may be terrifying at first, but it is also liberating. You are the king and you make your own decisions.


2)    Don’t squander over the people in the past, there’s always a fresh set out there!

Sometimes new people gives a fresh perspective and broader sense of living life. It’s easy to sulk and feel isolated when you don’t have that special someone in your life. But don’t just stop there. Talk to people at your workplace, in your neighborhood, at the gym, etc. It is a great way to socialize with no pressure. It’s not just about finding someone new, rather it’s a chance to become a more social, engaging person.


3)    Old is gold! Never forget your old buddies!!

Most of us commit this very common mistake of letting our old buddies go just for the sake of committed relationships. And when these relationships end miserably or amicably we feel the dire need of trustworthy shoulders to cry on, which we had left behind far ago. So, even if now you’re single, reconnect with old friends and create a meaningful, lasting connection that can continue no matter what your relationship status points at. Don’t use friends as a crutch to fill the void of your lost relationship. Make them part of your life and happiness. Long lasting relation would develop by default.

4)    Feeling Lazy? …follow fitness regime and sports!

Probably handling relationship was toughest exercise for you to ignore your own health! Now that you are single, it’s the best time to get in shape and be ready to play next big innings! Probably a longer one too! 😉 . Achieving fitness isn’t always about hitting the gym and hard workouts, following a sports routine or fitness regime to get the shape you always wanted for yourself.

5)    Bring out the maverick in you..Explore!!

It’s time to explore the things or places or people you haven’t had a chance to explore yet. It is good to take a trip with friends or even by yourself. There is no better way to find yourself, seek new avenues and clear your head. So leave the pictures of the ex at home and head out for some adventure.

6)    Hit the dance floor or Go on a Movie Marathon!!

When you’re single, you are the official DJ of your life. You control what you listen to, how loud you’re listening to it and whether or not you’re going to play the kind of embarrassing crap you deny knowing anything about in public.

Bored of sitting hours on movie dates and spending loads of bucks on it? It’s time to break free from those shackles of drama, all you need is your HD full of stuff you love to watch and a laptop, Trust me you’ll never have to leave your couch for hours of quality entertainment!

It’s your life make it large!!

7)     Try on some flirting!!

Come on! You are single, you are eligible and you’ve got a licence to kill! 😀

Even if you’re not the type who would throw themselves at a potential match but sometimes it’s just nice to get your flirt on!  A pretty co-worker who noticed how handsome you look in pair of jeans and white shirt or an online date who happens to have crush on you but you never responded earlier. When you’re single, you’re free to respond to these little opportunities you might feel guilty about if you’re attached.

8)    Pamper yourself!!

Time’s over for budget crunches and managing the spending for two people. It’s time to be selfish now! Although you need to make more responsible decisions with your money while in the company of others. But right now, splurge on whatever you have wished for in future. Be it a shopping trip, a new gadget or a nicer car, now’s the time to go for it!